SSAAB Houseboats
SSAAB Houseboats
SSAAB Houseboats

One of the prominent houseboat operators in the enchanting backwaters of Alleppey, is SSAAB Houseboats and Resorts.

This group has a number of air-conditioned as well as non-air-conditioned houseboats, with one or more bedrooms. Groups of tourists have a wide choice to select the type of vessel and a favourite package out of several backwater cruises. All the houseboats of SSAAB group belong to the 'Gold Star' Category.

Cruise Packages
22 – hour overnight cruises from 12 Noon to 10 A.M next day. (AC and Non-AC Houseboats)
Alleppey (Round)

6 – hour day cruise from 11 AM or any time
. (AC and Non-AC Houseboats)
Around Alleppey

Customized Tour Packages (AC and Non-AC Houseboats)
Tourists can select any destination in the backwater region, for any length of time.
Features of SSAAB Houseboats

Beautifully designed and luxuriously furnished houseboats of the group are all of 'Gold Star' category. There are AC and Non-AC houseboats in 1,2 and 3 bedrooms categories.

  • Single - bedroom houseboats for 2 people
  • Two - bedroom houseboats for 4 people and
  • Three - bedroom ones for 6 people

Rooms have attached toilets. Additional beds would be provided for groups with more tourists.

These boats are about 90 ft long and 16 ft wide in middle. Size of the houseboats varies with the number of bedrooms and other facilities.

All boats have sundeck and private balconies to enjoy to natural beauty of the lakes and the palm-fringed canals and rivers. Cool breeze from the nearby sea soothes and refreshes the guests while cruising through one of the best backwater destinations in the world.

Kitchens for self-cooking of food, with LPG gas stoves, utensils, cutlery and other necessities are available in the houseboats. Local cooks are also present, if the guests want food to be prepared for them according to their preferences and recipes.

The cuisines in the traditional Kerala flavour, along with local specialties and delicacies can be enjoyed if guests are interested. Fish caught from the lakes and rivers may be cooked or fried immediately and served by expert cooks, in whatever way guests prefer. Shrimps, prawns, crabs, and other marine and estuarine fishes can be had, directly from fishermen or fishmongers passing on country-boats through the backwaters.

For non-vegetarians, chicken, quail, duck, beef, rabbit, turkey, meat preparations can be arranged.

In short, SSAAB Houseboats & Resorts offers the following facilities and services.
  • Sight–seeing trips to locations around Aleppey.
  • Canoeing, fresh water swimming, fishing, angling and speedboat rides.
  • Village walk, trekking, visits to temples, churches, festivals, etc.
  • Overland safari at suitable places.
  • Ayurvedic rejuvenation treatments for those interested (arranged).
  • Guide/translation service provided on request.
  • Airline/ Railway/special coach ticket booking service.
  • Money exchange through banks arranged.
  • Room booking in lake resorts and other destinations.
Terms & Conditions
  • Check-in time is 12 noon and check – out time is 10am, for a single day cruise.
  • Food and beverages will be provided to guests as per their preferences and orders. Cuisines include Kerala native-style dishes and delicacies. Special dishes are provided according to instructions.
  • Inclusive food and drinks consist of bed-coffee or tea, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea with snacks, dinner/supper. Fruits include grapes, orange, mango, guava, banana, different verities of plantains, watermelon, apricot, etc.
  • Mineral water and soft drinks would be provided on extra payment.
SSAAB Houseboats
SSAAB Houseboats
SSAAB Houseboats
SSAAB Houseboats
SSAAB Houseboats
SSAAB Houseboats
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